Compelling preclinical study results

Preclinical studies have shown that SBP-101 produces superior anti-tumor activity in human cancer cell lines compared to gemcitabine or nab-paclitaxel, alone or in combination, standard of care chemotherapy drugs used to treat pancreatic cancer.

Sun BioPharma’s novel approach

The Company believes that SBP-101 will have a distinct advantage over current pancreatic cancer* therapies in that it specifically targets the exocrine pancreas and can cause ablation, or pharmaceutical resection, of the acinar cells, as well as the primary and metastatic pancreatic cancer, while leaving the insulin-producing islet cells and most non-pancreatic tissue unharmed.  Most current cancer therapies (including chemotherapy, radiation or surgery) are associated with significant side effects that further reduce the patient’s quality of life.  Read More
* pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma

Compound & Clinical Targets


Pancreatic Cancer



Michael Cullen, MD

President and Chairman of the Board
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Thomas Neenan, Ph.D.

Chief Scientific Officer
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Suzanne Gagnon, MD

Chief Medical Officer
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Ajit Shah, Ph.D.

VP Pharmacology
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Andy Kiorpes, Ph.D.

Toxicology Consultant
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Cheryl Baker, Ph.D.

Cancer Cellular Biology Consultant
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